Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Over the course of the year, I have engaged a lot with the professional environment.  I have assisted on a Bridal editorial shoot with a professional photographer, assisted Nicole Jopek on two fashion/ hair shoots which were an amazing and invaluable experience for me.
I have also collaborated with a Fashion Design and Marketing student at the university, which was a great experience to see what it would be like to collaborate with professionals when I graduate and also work towards a number of deadlines.

I have also attended many talks by professional photographers both inside and outside of university.  Hearing professionals speak about their own work in person is great because I was able to ask them questions about their work and also have them look at my own work.  I was able to get great feedback from Seba and Layla when they visited the university, which really pushed my project along.
I have attended The Photography Show where I was lucky enough to meet Lara Jade and ask her first hand advice about where to start if you are a fashion photographer looking to create your own style.

Overall, I feel I have progressed significantly within the professional environment and gained many invaluable skills and also started to build up a network of fellow photographers that I can collaborate with in the future.

The professional practice module has been an enjoyable part of the course for me and I will continue working on my blog and post regular updates with what I'm getting up to!  In terms of future steps, I will be using my spare time to work on my fashion portfolio to really get some good work out there and continue to build up my skills and networks.

Here are a few images to sum up the highlights of Professional Practice for me this year:

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