Monday, 9 May 2016

Alec Soth at 'The Photography Show'

During the Easter break, I went to Birmingham to see The Photography Show, where I saw Alec Soth do a talk on all of his projects to date.  It was amazing to hear the man himself speak about his own work and also see the way he presents his work.  He was very casual and laid back considering the amount of incredible work he has produced.

My favourite project of his is; Sleeping by the Mississippi.  This work evolved from a number of road trips along the Mississippi river.  He shoots on large format film which shows from the amount of detail and colour captured in his images.  Despite the somewhat light hearted pastel colours throughout his images, this series portrays themes of loneliness and isolation.

This is one of the images from this series:

Soth also talked about some of his other projects; Broken Manual, Songbook, and NIAGARA.  He has also created a book called 'Gathered Leaves' which is displayed in a box and has samples of each of his main works included.

It was great to hear him speak about all of his different projects and also to hear about how he comes up with ideas for projects, and how to stick with something to make it successful.  Overall it was a very inspiring talk and it has made me now look at his work in a different way.

Here is a link to Alec's website:

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