Thursday, 24 March 2016

Guest Lecture - Layla Sailor

During professional week a couple of weeks ago, Layla Sailor came into the University to talk to us about her practice and the success she's had over her career. The talk was very inspiring and gave us a chance to chat to a professional and ask any questions that we don't usually get the chance to ask!

She spoke in detail about how her career has evolved over the years, from her early influences to her most well known projects such as 'Advent' and 'Kokoshnik' which was very well received by the likes of Nick Knight.

After her talk we also had the opportunity to have a group seminar with Layla and she gave us feedback on our own work! The feedback was invaluable and she gave me a few great references to look at to develop my FMP!

Here is a link to Layla's website and her work:

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