Sunday, 30 November 2014

How to Find Inspiration As a Photographer

Photo credit: Brooke Shaden

I watched a video on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, where the Photographer Brooke Shaden talks about finding inspiration as a photographer. One of the first things she says is 'Anybody can be inspired anytime' this caught my attention straight away as I have been feeling really uninspired lately!

I'm not going to do a blog post typing out everything Brooke says in her video, but I just wanted to share the video itself, as I found it so inspiring and to take a few parts from it that I find to be most useful!

One of the points she makes is; The longer you wait for inspiration, the longer you wait for success.'  You're never going to create something awesome by waiting for the ideas to come to you, you have to find them!

Also, it's not always easy to find inspiration and act on that inspiration, because we all have a fear of failure.

Challenge yourself - if you have an idea for a shoot, and you're worried it won't work out, just do it! The worst thing that will happen is it won't work out, and you have to try again, which means you will learn something! The best thing that could happen is you may create something amazing!

Things to think about before a shoot or to inspire yourself for a shoot; Write down these five categories:


Write down FIVE words for each category, and circle ONE word from each category that you are most inspired by.  I think this is a great exercise for when you want to do a shoot but have absolutely no idea where to start! It's a good way to get your brain working in a creative way.

I could go on all day about this video but I won't because it's over an hour long! But if you are interested in seeing it, here is the link:

I would recommend watching the video as Brooke goes into much more detail of the points mentioned here!